direct link. Quinsane. live. Quinsane · Scared of the Dark. SUBTLETY. score. best item level: average item level: Detailed character history for Quinsane, US-Frostmourne: loot history, guilds, build changes build change. Empyrial Deep Crown of the Harmonious. Primal Obliterum: 10/10; Item Level ; Transmogrified to: Mask of the Unforgiven; Binds when equipped; Leather.

Quinsane - Porn

We are checking your browser to make sure you're not an intruder. Have an Epiphany, increasing your Spirit Regeneration per Second by 20 and enabling your melee attacks to instantly dash to your target for 15 seconds. You may select a bonus to see which items provide that bonus. Increases all damage for Demon Hunters and Monks by Cinch of Sizzling Flesh. Shocking Grasp Exploding Palm arcs up to 15 yards to another target. quinsane

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